Crystal Resonance

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Crystal Resonance explores combining gifts from Mother Earth to enhance our connection to our innate spark of Divinity, specific Archangels, and Higher Self to fearlessly embrace a life well lived supported by the wonder of All That Is. Kerry teaches the synergy and life-enhancing resonance that occurs when we combine specific crystal stones and essences, flower essences, essential oils, and practices to facilitate our reconnection with all that we are. Kerry feels a deep connection with Spirit and writes personally as she openly shares her own life ‘moments’ with the crystal combinations.

Each of us is gifted free will—it is inherent, part of the package when we come forth into physical. We each get to choose every step of the way, and the choice to enhance our innate connection with All That Is remains with each of us.For those who enjoy honoring Spirit within, and for those looking to change and embrace high vibrational well-being, the gifts in Crystal Resonance are waiting to be explored and celebrated. Be all that you choose to be … live a life well lived … and shine bright!